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Yes, we’re back with another High School Musical review. If you haven’t already, check out my review of the first film here. Now, HSM was far from a perfect movie. The characters are evil, the music while catchy, suffers from too much autotune. The script could’ve been much tighter, etc. All that said, it was still an enjoyable little movie. HSM 2 has all the same problems as the first film, but with one key difference. It forgot to be fun.

This film takes place over the students’ summer break. I assume it’s the same year as the first film, but I might be mistaken. Regardless, we open up with a huge dance number called WHAT TIME IS IT? It’s classic HSM. It’s full of dances and way more parkour than I expected. The plot is when things get messy. Sharpay wants Troy to sing with her in a summer show. The show is being held at her parents’ country club because they’re rich apparently. Sharpay tries to bribe Troy by offering him a summer job at the club. The entire school ends up getting hired and hi-jinks ensue. Did they not have ANY staff before the Wildcats were hired? No one else is in this movie.


Chad, Gabriella, and Taylor see that Sharpay is taking advantage of Troy and think he’s losing himself. The guy is getting a scholarship for singing one song. I don’t get why he wouldn’t do it. So the drama here is far less believable than the last movie. In the first film, while a little contrived, I can understand teens not wanting to step out and try something different. I get why they would be afraid of what their friends and family might think. Even their friends’ reactions to them stepping out, while over the top, still is a problem people actually face. Here? There’s literally no downside to Troy singing with Sharpay. Also, the Wildcats don’t want to work… at all. They took a job and then complain about having to do said job. Pretty frustrating.

The music is more of the same. Sharpay’s song FABULOUS is easily the worst. The lyrics are terrible, but again, we don’t hear Ashley Tisdale’s voice. It’s a problem every single film has had, and I don’t understand why this was such an issue. Also, Efron’s out of control dances in Bet On It is the funniest bit in the entire film.


High School Musical 2 is not good, and not nearly as fun as the first film. On to the next one?



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