High School Musical 2 Review


Yes, we’re back with another High School Musical review. If you haven’t already, check out my review of the first film here. Now, HSM was far from a perfect movie. The characters are evil, the music while catchy, suffers from too much autotune. The script could’ve been much tighter, etc. All that said, it was still and enjoyable little movie. HSM 2 has all the same problems as the first film, but with one key difference. It forgot to be fun. Continue reading “High School Musical 2 Review”


With the launch of Disney+, we have the wonderful world of Disney at our finger tips. This is a perfect time to watch… High School Musical.


Since the launch of Disney+, I’ve been revisiting some movies and shows from my childhood. This includes a host of Disney Channel original movies. So, today, we’re going to start with the crown jewel of Disney Channel movies, High School Musical. It’s time to getcha head in the game, Wild Cats!

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Martin Scorsese and the Dangers of Elitism

The art of film is a wonderful thing. It shows us the beauty of life, the troubles of man, and can inspire us to be more than we are. The film medium is full of many different genres. For those of us who are want a good scare, you turn to horror. If you want to laugh, you watch a comedy. If you want to watch fun action and spectacle, you watch a Marvel movie. Film takes on many forms, and means different things to different people. The problem is when we decide that a curtain genre is no longer “film” and force our views on others. Continue reading “Martin Scorsese and the Dangers of Elitism”